Common EPS Geofoam Applications

Below are common Geofoam projects we see everyday. If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us. Or if you’d prefer to speak to a team member please call us +1 844-773-3626.

Retaining Walls

Building Foundations

Weight Reduction For Utilities

Weight Reduction for Structures

Lightweight Road Construction

Bridge Abutments

Side Hills

Stadium Seating Platforms

Over 100 Manufacturing Locations!

Why Choose PREFoam Enterprises?

Just in Time Delivery. We don’t make it, until you order it. That means our team is flexible with YOUR schedule and we can move and shake with your project.

PREFoam Enterprises can provide estimating, takeoff, design, engineering, and laser scanning services to determine the best fit for your job.

EPS Blocks can be precut in various shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever design your project calls for.

Any Project, Anywhere

PREFoam Enterprises sources our EPS and XPS foam products from manufacturing facilities all over the world. That means we can provide YOUR team with fast, easy, cost-effective construction materials local to your jobsite at a FRACTION of the cost.


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